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"The EZDown tailgate lowering device can be compared to some of the great inventions of all time - brilliant in it's simplicity and yet with practical benefits that make you wonder why it was not thought of before and why it is not incorporated into the tailgate design of every pick-up truck on the road. As the owner of an ISUZU double cab that serves as a family car, there is very little to beat the versatility and convenience of a bakkie when it comes to our lifestyle. The load bay accommodates everything that our family of four needs - from mountains of shopping bags gathered by my Wife during regular retail therapy, to school satchels and sports gear that are loaded up for the fetching and carry of my two boys to school and back.


Until the EZDown was fitted to the tailgate of my vehicle, access to the load bay was a source of constant concern for both me and my wife. This concern ranged from sheer panic to total frustration every time the tailgate had to be opened to accommodate anything that could not be conveniently taken into the cab. The panic was generated by fear of the tailgate crashing down on the heads of my boys when they tried to access the load bay. The frustration was caused by having to make sure that I was on hand everytime any member of the family needed to open the tailgate - not only to avoid the possibolity of serious bodily harm but also because I am a fairly fastidious owner and did not want the tailgate damaged by having it dropped violently against the stays and hinges by any person not being able to hold the weight of the tailgate while lowering it. EZDown has solved all of my problems. The boys aged 10 and 5, can access the load bay via the tailgate in total safety. My Wife can lower the tailgate without having to put all of her shopping down before pulling the release handle. And I can relax knowing that the tailgate poses no threat to the safety of my family and that the possibility of damage has been eliminated.


There is little doubt that EZDown should be a standard feature fitted to any pick-up truck. - GARY STREAK - Randburg "